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Harpbeat of America

Grade Levels: K-6

Topics: Oceans, Ecology, Biology, Science, Sea Life

Type of Show: Science, Story Telling, Illusions, Visual Arts

Travels To: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois

Oceans in Motion

There are oceans of fun and learning in this 45 minute science assembly program that teaches students all about our oceans. Students will join the energetic entertainer and his sidekick "Hoppy Cousteau" as they explore a magical underwater world to discover the amazing creatures that live in the oceans, learn about ecology and protecting oceans, and understand the importance of the ocean as a natural resource.

Interesting props, funny comedy, moments of magic, and a fast moving storyline, keep students entertained and eager to see what is coming up next in this assembly program. The use of student participation from all grade levels gets students involved in this science program and helps them expand their understanding about the connection between science, biology, ecology and the oceans

Oceans in Motion covers many topics that relate directly back to K-6 elementary classroom curriculum. Here are just a few things students will explore in this program

  • Why our oceans are important
  • What makes waves
  • Where sand comes from
  • Salt water vs. fresh water
  • Unique sea life
  • Protecting our oceans and their inhabitants
  • Natural resources

Like all of our assembly enrichment programs, this magical science show can be presented as an "all school" assembly, with material that appeals to grades K-6. The program can also be broken down into a more grade level specific presentation. Let us know your school's requirements and we will be sure that Oceans in Motion fits your enrichment needs.

"Thank you for helping us bring such a entertaining and educational program to our students. I think many teachers were just as entertained as the students" - Clairmont Elementary School - Assembly Planner

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The Michigan and Midwest Assembly Program Guide is your online source for assembly programs that are the highest rated in student and teacher satisfaction. Presentations are a blend of entertainment and educational themes to create unique enrichment programs that appeal to elementary audiences at all grade levels. Available presentations include curriculum relevant topics such as the importance of saving money, elementary Social Studies, Bully Prevention, and reading. Our goal is to help you schedule affordable school programs that will become a memorable part of your school year.

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