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Getting Excited About Science - School Assemblies

Grade Levels: Programs For K-8.

Topics: Science Demonstrations, Elementary and Middle School Science Concepts

Type of Show: Live Science Demontration Show

Travels To: Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin

Amazing Science Demonstrations

Science Show for Cleveland, Chicago and Detroit schools

an electrifying show!

Science Fair Assembly

Middle School Science Assemblies

Getting Excited About Science

Science Assemblies for Elementary and Middle School Audiences.

Getting Excited About Science is a school science assembly program that lives up to its name. This is a science assembly with "wow" factor. Hovercrafts, exploding balloons, and a human gyroscope are just a few of the amazing demonstrations used to help kids discover the science in the world around them. It is the perfect blend of teaching and entertainment.

The presenter skillfully combines his university science degree with his skills as an entertainer to present a general science show that captivates students of all grade levels.

Steve and the Getting Excited About Science program has been recognized by professional teaching organizations, the Chicago Tribune and WGN TV as being at the top of the field in science assemblies.

This is a elementary and middle school science show that everyone can not only see, but understand and enjoy. The aim of Steve’s show is to inspire students to get involved in science themselves. Using dramatic demonstrations, easy to see equipment, humor, music, and audience participation, he brings basic scientific ideas down to earth.

The Getting Excited About Science Program covers basic concepts of air/water pressure, magnetism & electricity, friction, chemistry, simple machines, conservation of energy, sound, color and temperature-molecule reactions. In addition to his general science show, Steve also offers specific science programs that are designed to coordinate with curriculum (see below).

All shows are designed to be age/ grade level appropriate, with programs available for both elementary and middle school audiences. A teacher's guide and follow-up notes are also available upon request.

Video Preview


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Teachers, PTA parents, educators, and reporters across the midwest have given this science assembly program an "A+". Here are only a FEW of the recent positive reviews and recommendations for Getting Excited About Science :

“The performance was accompanied by chorus of 'oohs and ahhs' and an occasional 'awesome' ”
- Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Illinois

“Your science program was fast paced, but allowed students to understand the concepts at their own grade level. The large, easily seen props that you used made it easy for everyone to see well. I knew it was a successful assembly, not only because the teachers told me how much they liked it, but so did many students”
- Lou Havlick, Principal, Levi Leonard Elementary - Evansville, Wisconsin

“ On behalf of Mill Creek Elementary School, we'd like to thank you for the fun yet educational presentation today. A lot of what you discussed coincided with what many classrooms were directly learning in their Science classes right now!

I liked how you were able to make your presentation work for not only the younger audience members but also increase the information for the older kids. You kept the kids entertained and interested for the entire presentation and that's really hard to do! Thanks again for your time and positive energy!”
- Melanie Gayton, Co-Assemblies Coordinator, Mill Creek Elementary School

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Video Preview

Watch a video of the exciting Hovercraft demonstation below. This is always a memorable hit with students!


Tailor this science assembly to specific science topics

Join forces with Steve and Getting Excited About Science to help reinforce specific science curriculum topics at your Michigan, Ohio, Illinois or Wisconsin School. A list of specific science topic shows is below. More information can also be found in the printable brochure about this assembly.

Forces and Motion: Newton's 3 laws on motion, potential and kenetic energy, giant gyroscope
All Things Electric:
Sources of electricity, AC vs. DC, tesla coil, magnets and induction
Chemistry ABC'S:
Liquid nitrogen, matter, acids - bases - salts, make polymer & rubber
Science Fair Primer:
Demonstration vs. experiment, scientific method, simple chemistry
Astronomy and Space:
History, telescopes, rocket technology, space travel concepts, space station
Primary Science:
Light, sound matter, weather, magnetism
Science Detective:
K-3 audiences solve mysteries using scientific skills
Machines and Inventions:
Pulleys, airplanes, flight, draw bridge, electric generator, levers

Getting Excited About Science - Hovercraft

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Schools are truly "excited" about Getting Excited About Science.

Illinois Schools:

“Good job with the assembly. The presentation was at the 6,7, & 8 grade level. You hit the correct level of understanding. Keep involving the students & teachers.”
- Dave Gesin, 8th Grade Science Teacher, Forreston Middle School - Forreston, Illinois

“Thanks for doing exactly what you promised. The kids really enjoyed both shows and I appreciate your commitment to our show.” - Gifted School Conference, Crystal Lake, Illinois

“I was very pleased at how you controlled the students. You put on a fantastic assembly, and both students and staff were talking about the performance.” - Gary Heiden, Principal, Washburn Elementary - Washburn, Illinois

"We never knew that learning science principles could be so much fun!"
- World's of Wonder Children's Museum, Chicago, Illinois

Michigan Schools:

“The older students were especially grateful for the big screen. They got a kick out of seeing themselves on the big screen and everyone could see the experiments...even from the back row! Fantastic program." - Kristy Parton, Cultural Events Coordinator

"The activities were dynamic and well demonstrated."
- Jeff Worman, Principal, Pathfinder Elementary - Fremont, Michigan

Ohio Schools:

“We loved Getting Excited About Science at Lark Elementary. The fast pacing of the show was perfect for our kids. Our principal has heard nothing but positive comments.” - Marenda Roach, PTA Assembly Coordinator, Lark Elementary - Northwood, Ohio

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