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Science Programs

FInd the perfect STEM / Science assembly presentation for your school. Midwest School Shows offers 9 different school science assemblies that visit Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois schools. SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW THE LIST OF PROGRAMS.

Our STEM programs feature amazing live science demonstrations that are perfect for all school assembly programs, or for science fairs, Earth week events, or STEM family curriculum nights. Our entertaining presenters show students the fun and exciting side of the science of oceans, space, chemistry, engineering, animals, the environment, and more!

SCIENCE UPDATE: "SCIENCE OR MAGIC", is our newest science assembly program about the Scientific Method with live science demontrations and amazing visual illusions. Elementary school and Middle school presentations available. This program tours Michigan, Ohio and Illinois.

Middle School Science Show Elementary School Science Programs

Getting Excited About Science (General Science)

Hovercrafts, Frozen Balloons, Flying Objects, and Disappearing Ink are just a few of the incredible and fun science demonatrations in this school science assembly for elementary and middle school students (K-8). More information >

Earth Week Show


We hear the slogan "think green" all the time, but what does it really mean. This program puts important messages of ecology, environment, and reducing waste in ways that elementary school students can relate to!More information >

Wonders of Michigan assembly


Explore the oceans (while staying dry!) with the Oceans in Motion assembly show written to coincide with elementary grade level science studies of the oceans and environment. More information >

Magic of Science - Michigan Science Assembly

SCIENCE OR MAGIC? (General Science)

A science show that teaches students to ask the scientific questions of "How?" and "Why?". Available in presentations targeted for K-2, 3-5, or 6-8 grade levels, or as a whole school (all grades) assembly!More information >

Scientist Assembly - In School Enrichment Show

BUILDING ON A DREAM (Engineering / Green Energy)

A science show that celebrates scientific discovery by demonstrating the cool principles behind bridges, skyscrapers, rocket ships, and an electric bike! Lots of participation encourages hands on learning and discovery in this assembly.More information >

Journey: Earth Science Show


An Earth Science assembly presentation that turns students into Geo Explorers to discover cool things about volcanos, fossils, the Earth's crust, and more. Visual and hands-on, this assembly is "science with a flair".

More information >

Innovation Station - Invention Show

INNOVATION STATION (Scientific Method / Famous Inventors)

It's The Awesome Invention Assembly! Great innovators like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and The Wright Brothers are all included in this hands-on program about invention and creativity. Students learn about asking questions, researching, and forming a hypothesis.More information >

Amazing Chemical Encounters


Middle School and Elementary School presentations are available for this popular Chemistry presentation that features things that ooze, foam, fizzle, pop, and transform before the audience's eyes. 25 student volunteers assist in every show!!

More information >

The Space Science Show - Michigan STEM assembly Program


FUN STEM EDUCATION! The Space Science Show turns students into astronauts, as they blast off to learn about the science behind how rockets work, discover how telescopes see distant stars, learn about planets, the space station and how Science helps space exploration. It is all the elements of STEM in one fun, interactive show. Students learn about asking questions, researching, and forming a hypothesis.More information >

Hula Hoop Science


Hula Hoop Science is the science of FUN! Learn all about gravity, force, and motion by Michigan's premier hula hoop performer. Lots of opportunity for students to get involved.More information >