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Science of Hula Hoop

Grade Levels: K-6

Topics: Science / STEM

Type of Show: STEM Show

Travels To: Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana

Michigan's premier hula hoop artist

School Assembly Performance

Elementary students eager to participate.


Hula Hoop Science: Fun In Motion

Discover the Science of play with this interactive assembly. Students will be amazed as they watch incredible hula hoop demonstrations by Michigan’s premier hula hoop artist, and get a chance to test out the Science principles that make the stunts possible.

Science is part of our lives every day, even when we play. Hula Hoop Science shows students how the forces of motion they learn about in the classroom apply to one of the world’s most popular toys – the hula hoop.

Presented by Michigan’s premier hula hoop artist, this program is not your typical STEM demonstration assembly. This is the FUN side of STEM! Students get a chance to see amazing hula hoop stunts and tricks performed live and then learn the Science that makes it all possible.

This is a hands-on and interactive presentation, with opportunities for students to apply the Science they learned by trying their own hula hoop stunts (with some tips from the expert). Audience participation from every grade level is part of the show. In addition, the discussions are interactive, with students encouraged to help find other ways that force and motion are applied to other common objects.

Topics in the program tie directly back to STEM / Science concepts students are learning in the classroom...

  • Force
  • Gravity
  • Motion
  • Axis and Rotation
  • Diversity
  • Speed & Torque

The fun and energetic atmosphere created during this program make this a good assembly program for STEM family nights and for special “reward” assemblies.

The program runs 40-45 minutes. It can be presented as an all-school assembly, or for more participation opportunities, it can be broken down into multiple small-group presentations throughout a school day.

The program can be presented in a gym or even outdoors. The presenter brings everything needed for the show, so it is an easy program to host at your school.


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