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Innovation Station school assembly - Michigan

Grade Levels: Elementary

Topics: Inventors, Scientific Method, Problem Solving, Inventions

Type of Show: Hands On Science Show

Travels To: Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey




Innovation Station

It's the AWESOME INVENTION SHOW! A hands-on Science assembly with a focus on the process of creative and Scientific thinking.

"Innovation Station" is all about the creativity and ingenuity that inspired famous inventions...and the people who created them.

The program allows students to see famous inventions in action, learn about inventors, and discover why asking questions, researching and forming a hypothesis are important to any Scientific project.

This is a very hands-on assembly presentation that will recruit many volunteers to put some inventions to the test and help demonstrate what creative problem solving is all about.

During the presentation, students will learn about Nikola Tesla and static electricity flying floaters, Leonardo Da Vinci's rotocopers, Henry Ford and the self-driving car, and Benjamin Franklin's amazing wind power discoveries. They will also hear about the Wright Brothers and other inventors that inspired our country and the world.

Some themes highlighted in the popular Science assembly program...

  • Famous Inventors
  • Amazing Inventions
  • Scientific Method
  • Problem Solving

Read Frequently Asked Questions about "Innovation Station".


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Answers to some common questions about this Science Assembly...

What grade level is the program appropriate for?
This program is designed for elementary grades. The content can be tailored for upper or lower elementary, or the program can be presented as an all-school assembly.

Can we request specific material to be included in the show?
The presenter can try to accommodate some minor requests to focus on a particular topic. Most of the show is structured to go along with the props and demonstrations, so big changes may not always be possible. If you have a specific theme or topic that you would like discussed, you may want to check out our other Science programs to see if they may fit your needs better.

What is the cost?
Program pricing varies depending on the number of sessions you will need at your school, and whether the presenter will be visiting more than one school in your district. You can get a quote by calling our office at (586)913-3036 or filling out the request form on this page.

What is the booking process?
Please contact our office to find out available dates for this program. Once you choose a date that works for your school, we will need to know the time(s) you want the program(s) to start during your school day. We will then send you a performance confirmation that will need to be signed and returned with a small deposit to reserve the date.

Can this program be presented as part of our Science Fair?
Absolutely! A Science assembly, such as "Innovation Station", makes a fun addition to a Science Fair night. Many schools will schedule the program to take place right before the Science Fair awards are given out. It helps to break up the event and provide an extra incentive for families to attend.

You may also want to consider booking this presentation when you announce your Science Fair, as it will serve as a way to get students excited about doing their Science Fair project.

Check available dates and get pricing information by completing the online form, or calling our office at (586)913-3036.

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