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Working Hard To Make Entertaining & Educational Enrichment School Shows Affordable For Michigan, Ohio and Illinois Schools!

The Michigan and Midwest Assembly Program Guide is designed to help your school get the most out of your budget for school assemblies and enrichment programs. All of the presentations we have available have regular fees that are significantly less than many touring programs. Furthermore, our presenters are all based out of the Midwest, and there are NEVER any travel fees or unexpected costs involved in booking one of our highly rated programs.

If your school is looking to stretch your enrichment budget even further, there are several ways that your school can save additional money when booking one of our entertainers for a school assembly or school event:

  1. Instant School Program Grants: We are always searching for grants available that correspond with various school assembly programs that we offer to schools. Whenever possible, we complete all the paperwork and applications for program grants, and reflect the grant amount in an immediate discount in the performance fee. There is no paperwork for you to fill out and no waiting for a check!

    We also actively partner with regional and national corporations and associations who wish to sponsor our programs into schools. These sponsors pay a percentage of the performance fee, allowing us to give you an instant school assembly program grant / discount that is usually $100-$300 / show. The sponsor does not affect the content of the show in any way, and there is never any "advertising" or sales pitch for the sponsor.

    See below for a list of programs that have instant grants currently available. This list is always changing and being updated. When you contact our booking office about any of our entertainers, we will always quote you the lowest fee, including any grants and discounts available.

  2. Block Booking Discounts: Your school can also save money by teaming up with another school in your district. If both schools present the same program on the same day or back-to-back days, then both school receive a $100 discount off the performance fees.

  3. Being Flexible On Dates: If your school is flexible on the date of your assembly program, our booking manager can search our schedule to find dates when a presenter will already be in your general area. Often lower performance fees are available for scheduling during one of those dates.

  4. MIchigan Touring Arts Grants: Several of our programs qualify for up to 40% funding assistance when you book a school assembly in a Michigan school. Qualifying programs include:

“Brandy, you have been great. Thank you so much. It has been very nice to work with a company that understands the financial situations of the schools, and accommodates our needs - we are very grateful.” -Kate Lyman, PBIS External Coach, Cicero Public School District, Cicero, Illinois

Current grant and discount offers

Here is a list of current elementary school enrichment performances that have instant school program grants available. These program grants are often limited to certain dates, states or school districts. Please read the details carefully and call our office with any questions.

Currently there are no current grants available.

Contact our booking office in Detroit, Michigan for more information.