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Super U Challenge

Grade Levels: Elementary & Middle School

Topics: Character Building, Bully Prevention, Teamwork, Friendship, Respect, PBIS

Type of Show: Interactive Game Show

Travels To: Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin


Super U! Challenge

Our most popular show for over 15 school years! Energizes students and encourages a respectful, safe and positive school environment.


The Super U! Challenge (super YOU!) is an action-packed school assembly that promotes a bully-free school environment by encouraging students to build positive character traits. It’s all about challenging students to become their own “personal superheroes” and let their best traits shine – at school and at home.

The Super U! Challenge is designed after classic Kid’s TV game shows such as “Double Dare” and the current Nickelodeon smash-hit “Brain Surge”. During the 45-minute show, contestants from the audience are invited to take part in imaginative, funny, and wacky interactive challenges that involve oversize props, creative costumes, and yes…even some slime! 

Super U Challenge - Michigan School Kindness Assembly

Each exciting challenge is based on a specific message about bullying and positive character traits that reinforces what students hear in school. In fact, this program goes hand-in-hand with PBIS and other character and behavior programs.

Unlike a traditional “quiz show” assembly that requires students to answer questions about curriculum, The Super U! Challenge does not put students “on the spot” or require that they have memorized any facts.  The only requirement of the hand-on challenges is that the volunteers (and the audience!) are ready to have fun.  This means students from all grade levels can participate in the show - and as soon as they see the wild challenges, there is never any shortage of eager volunteers.


In addition to encouraging positive character traits, and positive school behavior, The Super U! Challenge also promotes teamwork and cooperation among students.

Topics highlighted in this program:

  • Building friendships and trust
  • Being a HERO for others
  • Passing RESPECT around the school
  • Taking RESPONSIBILITY for words and actions
  • Being a part of a community
  • Good Sportsmanship & Teamwork

Schools in Indiana and Illinois can use the Super U! Challenge to help meet requirements for bully prevention programs in their school. This program is also recommended to Ohio schools who promote the "Six Pillars of Character" or "Bucket Filling" concept in their school.

Answers to frequently asked questions about this program can be found here.

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Click on a newspaper to read articles about how schools have used Super U! as part of their initiatives to prevent bullying:
plain city news

"I had one student look at me during the assembly and state, 'I've been smiling so much my cheeks hurt!'. That translates to a definite 'thumbs up' for elementary students. The presenters were able to deliver a message to a group of nearly 600 students while capturing their attention the entire time. It was definitely money well spent. "
-Kelly L. Hicks, Principal
Plain City ELementary School, Plain City, Ohio


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Frequently Asked Questions About The Super U! Challenge School Assembly ...

How much space does this school assembly require?
The assembly is best presented on a gym floor. The show needs a minimum of 16 feet between the wall and the first row of students.

What does the school need to provide?
The Super U! Challenge program arrives at your school with everything they need for the show.

What type of challenges do the students do?
The specific challenges in each show vary based on the grade level of the audience, size of the performance space, etc.  A typical performance includes about 5-6 main challenges. Student contestants may have to dress up as quickly as possible as the ultimate kid superhero, dig through buckets of slime to find keywords related to bullying, work together to pass slippery batons to teammates, or fling foam objects into baskets on top of their teammates head!  Every challenge in this unique assembly performance is created to be entertaining and exciting for both the volunteers and the audience.

Is the show messy?
The show does a great job of giving the illusion of being messy (which students love), but it is all very controlled.  Even the “slime” used in the show has been specially created to be school friendly and mess-free.

What grade levels is this show appropriate for?
The Super U! Challenge has presentations for both Middle School and Elementary School audiences.  The show can be effectively presented as an all-school assembly, or many schools choose to divide the audience by upper and lower grade levels.

Building teamwork and community

Can we use grant money for bully prevention programs to pay for this assembly?
In most cases, The Super U! Challenge (as well as all of our no bullying assemblies) meets the criteria to be eligible for funds set aside for character development and bully prevention programs in schools. The availability of funds and grants for these types of programs varies. We recommend checking with your school district or Title 1 coordinator to see if there is funding assistance available.

Do you provide a classroom guide for teachers?
We do have a classroom guide with an overview of the show, as well as some classroom discussion and activity ideas for teachers. This guide is available in PDF format, and can be emailed or printed and distributed to classrooms. To request the guide, please call or email us.

Do you have a poster or something to promote the show?
Yes we do! Click the image below for an 8.5"x11" promotional poster that you can print. Just add your program date and times and you are ready to go! We also have free anti-bullying posters for download and printing up to 16"x20" size.

Super U! Challenge Poster Download a Super U Challenge promotional poster

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